Mr. H. B. Torvi

Asst. Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
Phone: +919970767985
Academic Records
  1. M-Tech (CSE)
  2. B. E. (CSE)
Teaching Experience


Research Interest
  1. Discrete Mathematics
Research And Publication
  1. A secure system in distributed computer networks using single sign-on mechanism
  2. Enterprise architecture and services in cloud computing: a survey
  3. Effective Bug Triage Scheme with Data Reduction
  4. A novel counter system against power analysis attacks
  5. Optimal control of tcr under nonlinear load condition
  6. Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis on Twitter
  7. Effective Bug Triage with Data Reduction
  8. Private Information Sharing using Two Level QR Code
  9. Application of Pre-evaluation Strategy on Algorithms for Mining Top-K high Utility Item Sets